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Japanese nigiri sushi

Recipe for Nigiri

Simple instruction for making nigiri sushi at home.
Cuisine Japanese
Author Victoria



  • Prepare a small bowl of vinegar - water solution (1 Tbsp vinegar for 1 cup of water), use this to dip your hand.
  • Slice your fish or topping of choice into 2 1/2 x 1 " thin rectangle.
  • Pluck some cooked sushi rice, about 25g, have it in the middle of your left palm.
  • Use your thumb to keep rice steady when applying pressure and mold sushi rice into oval/oblong shape.
  • Dab a pea size of wasabi onto fish slice, then put the shaped rice on top.
  • Gently squeeze your hand to fold them together.
  • Repeat for more nigiri and serve them fresh