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Vegan fried rice

Spring green Vegetarian Fried Rice

Beautifully green inspiration of fried rice for the vegetarian: Egg-free but still full of protein and calcium for daily intake. Add carrot or other color veggies to compliment the shade.
Course Side/ Main dish
Cuisine Asian
Keyword Green fried rice without egg, Vegetarian fried rice
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Servings 4
Author Victoria


  • 2 cups leftover rice
  • 2 cups spinach
  • 5 sticks small asparagus
  • 1 small carrot
  • 0.5 onion
  • 1 sprig cilantro
  • 0.25 silken tofu - soft
  • 0.5 cup pea or edaname bean
  • 2 Tbsp avocado oil or vegetable oil


  • Wash and clean all vegetables
  • Prepare cooked rice for frying, best if using leftover rice or long grain rice.
  • With your food processor or blender, puree spinach, cilantro stems and some salt. Add a couple tablespoons of water if needed to work easier.
  • Dice onion, carrot and finely chop asparagus. Pat tofu with paper towel, then smash it with a fork or similar.
  • Finely mince cilantro leaves.
  • Turn heat element to medium-high. Place a wok or large saucepan over top.
  • Wait a couple seconds till pan is hot, now twirl in oil to cover the pan surface.
  • When oil is hot, add diced onion. Stir well to saute till soften/translucent.
  • Add prepared rice to pan, stir and turn well. When rice is hot enough and a little bit dry, spoon in the green puree. Mix well.
  • Keep stirring and folding with a spatula to evaporate extra moisture.
  • When the rice is dry enough (isn't sticky as much), now stir in tofu. Fold, pat and mix well.
  • When tofu is scrambled and dried, add diced carrot and pea.
  • Adjust seasoning with salt and ground pepper.
  • Finally, stir in the remaining chopped cilantro leaves. Stir a couple more times till cilantro is wilting.
  • Serve hot as is or with some side seasoning (soy sauce/chili/vinegar).