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Temaki roll

Recipe for A day on the Beach Temaki sushi

Beautifully decorative dish with a hand roll full of raw goodness. This tuna-salmon temakizushi is so easy to roll and prefer by many. Try them as appetizer or make extra batch to serve as main dish.
Course Appetizer, Main
Cuisine Japanese
Keyword temaki hand roll, temaki sushi, temakizushi
Prep Time 20 minutes
Servings 4 rolls
Author Victoria


  • 2 sheets nori
  • 1/4 Hass avocado
  • 1/4 mini cucumber/dill
  • 4 pieces kani - imitation crab meat
  • 4 Tbsp tobiko - flying fish eggs/roes or masago
  • 2/3 cup cook & seasoned sushi rice
  • 1 medium daikon radish or similar for garnishment

Sushi grade raw

  • 1 oz salmon
  • 1 oz tuna
  • 1 oz white tuna
  • or any fish/toppings of choice

Decorative & Glazing sauce


  • Shred daikon to use as garnishing decoration, or you can use pickled ginger as well.
  • Prepare the plate by glazing and decorating with the sauces for each portion.
  • Cut your raw toppings (tuna, salmon, etc.) into 3" to 4 " length sticks.
  • Cut along the longer side of mini cucumber and avocado to create thin long sticks.
  • Fold each nori sheet in half, then tear into two.
  • Place a piece of nori onto your hand or a flat surface.
  • Spread one of divided rice portion to cover 1/3 of the nori's left side
  • Arrange each stick of the topping on top of rice, starting with the softer ones(e.g. fish)
  • Drizzle on some sauce like kewpie or sriracha.
  • Top with a spoon of tobiko.
  • Now, just lift one corner (closer to you) and roll it in a triangular motion to create the cone shape.
  • Place this finished temaki on top of the decorated dish and serve immediately while the nori still crispy.