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Vietnamese Iced Milk Coffee Recipe

Strong robust flavor of the French roast coffee combines with the creamy sweet condense milk for a memorizable eastern adventure to Vietnam
Course Coffee, Drinks
Author Victoria


  • 20 grams french roast coffee 1 coffee spoon
  • 80 ml boil water
  • 1 Tbsp sweet condensed milk
  • "Phin" - Vietnamese coffee filter
  • Cup


  • Rinse both the Phin - coffee filter and container cup with hot water.
    Rinse coffee filter
  • Stir your french roast coffee before scooping up a spoon into the coffee filter.
    Scooping french roast coffee
  • Lightly shake and tap the filter body to remove air bubble within.
    Tap filter body
  • Put the damper in the filter and tap lightly, do not over-press.
    Put damper in
  • Use you finger or spoon to caress across the body filter's bottom to remove excess coffee particle.
    Remove excess coffee
  • Place the body filter onto its base dripper.
  • Pour 1 Tbsp of boil water into the base filter and let soak for about 20 seconds.
    Add boiled water
  • Take 1 spoonful Tbsp of sweet condensed milk and add to your cup.
    Add sweet condensed milk
  • Now place the filter w/ base dripper onto your cup, lightly press on the damper again.
    Place filter into your cup
  • Pour about 60ml of boiled water into the filter, cover its lid.
    Add 60ml boiled-water
  • Your coffee should starting to drip and be done in about 4-5 minutes.
    Dripping coffee
  • Now, just add ice, stir, shake and mix the whole thing up. Your iced milk coffee is ready.


Add a very small amount of salt, like 1-2 granulate, will remove the sour after-taste when drinking your coffee